What about the Original Autographs?           If someone did find an "original autograph" today, how would anyone know it was an original anyhow? Do you suppose it would have "ORIGINAL" stamped on it? Today we have Bible correctors saying, "in the original Greek it says: ..." Question, have they ever seen the originals? How do they know the originals say such and such if they have never seen the originals? God never said He was going to preserve the originals did He? They are all gone, all of them. Why all the talk today about a Bible that not only does not exist anywhere in the world today, but never existed as a complete Bible, never? Jeremiah's original for instance, was burned by the King long before the New Testament was written, and God had Jeremiah write those words again, and then God added more words to the copy of the original. (see Jeremiah 36:1-32) Consider this typical statement where a Regular Baptist Church describes their Bible: "We believe in the authority and sufficiency of the Holy Bible, consisting of the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments, as originally written; that it was verbally and plenarily inspired and is the product of Spirit-controlled men, and therefore is infallible and inerrant in all matters of which it speaks."           If you study this a bit, you will realize it is talking about how they got their Bible a long, long time ago. The phrase "as originally written" is a cover for the fact that they will not tell you what Bible they use today, nor what they really believe about the Bible they do use now. Do they use the NIV, NKJV, NASV, ASV, etc. etc.? You see, a church can use any one of the counterfit or perverted English Bibles, make a statement like the one above, and never let you know they are really not making a statement about the Bible they actually use today now, today. Where is the Word of God today? Which Bible is the Word of God now! Do they believe in an inspired Bible NOW! TODAY! It is doubtful, because if they did, they would talk about the Bible they use now. Which Bible do you use, and why do you use it. Does it have errors in it?            It has taken years and years of education for some dear, smart people to become so dumb. Fact is they talk about God's Words, Scripture, the Bible says, etc. etc., but in reality, they do not believe in an inspired, inerrant, without error Bible today is even possible. Then the same learned folks knock those who still use the good old AUTHORIZED KING JAMES VERSION. They use the term "King James Only" to describe all those who do believe in, and who are the only ones in the whole world who say and know they have an Inspired & Inerrant Holy Bible today, that is without error. If you knew you had the Holy Bible without error in English, like we do, why would you want to use a Bible like the New King James or the New International Bible, when both the translators themselves and most of those who use their translations do not believe either is without error?