What about the King James Bible? Why do we use the KJV?           We sure live in a funny time in church history. It is literally amazing what we hear said about the King James Version of the Bible and the other English versions produced in the last hundred years. It should be the desire of all true Christians to know and teach the truth. Our desire should be more than to just stand up for our beliefs. We should make sure our beliefs are correct, and we should be willing to own up to it when we are proved wrong, shouldn't we?             It is our desire to tell others the truth about our Holy Bible, and present the facts about it. This page will be continuously updated with new links to help with this endeavor. If you would like to email us about this subject, please do so by clicking on this link to: Contact@John316kjv.com.           Consider the term "Bible Believers" for a moment. What are Bible Belivers anyhow? Does not that very term suggest to you that the one who calls himself or herself a "Bible Believer" has a Bible, and believes in that Bible he or she possess. We here at New Life Baptist Church do have a Bible that we do believe in. It is the inerrant, inspired, Word of God with out error, and it is in English (I say that for those of you who do not believe God could get His Scripture into English without error - Our God is able to do that and He did!). Someone would immediately say, oh, you must be part of the King James only outfit. No, that is not it. Let me put it to you this way by first quoting a few verses of Scripture, and then issuing to you a challenge which you can respond to. Here it goes:           The Bible says in Psalm 12:6-7, "The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.”           Now, what is God talking about here, it is "The words" right, not the ideas, sentences, thoughts and etc., but "The words of the LORD" - I hope you can see that. What does He say about those words? (1) First, it says His words are pure words! (2) Secondly, it says "Thou shalt keep them". Who shall keep them? Thou, (the LORD), not the scribe, the church, the Christian, the translator, the publisher, etc., etc. (3) Thirdly, it says about the LORD, "thou shalt preserve them", talking about His pure words. Who will preserve His pure words, the scribe, the church, the Christian, etc. etc., no not even the so called King James Only people out there, no! "thou shalt preserve them". Now, if you do not believe those words, are you a Bible Believer? You may or may not like it, but God keeps His words! The rest is quite simple. If His words are pure words, (and they are) and He shalt keep them (and He has) and He shalt preserve them from this generation for ever (and He will), it brings us to a simple conclusion: His pure words are here today, and this generation can have and possess them. I conclude this discussion with a question for you. Who in this world is holding up a Bible with 66 books in it, and says this is the preserved, inspired, inerrant, BIBLE? The only ones we know of are those with the old 1611 KING JAMES BIBLE. Call them or us what you may, but remember, we are true Bible Believers, and we do have a Bible we believe in. If you know of anyone else out there anywhere in the world with any other Bible doing that, please let us know who they are, and what Bible they are holding up! (Don't waste our time with the phony baloney argument that you or someone else you know believes in the "Original Autographs" - everyone including the devil does that. Furthermore, the original autographs were never collected into one book and called a Bible, never. And none of those original autographs exist today.) Where are God's "Pure Words" now, today, "if thou canst tell?"