To view or print original letter click here Camp Meeting Letter from Evangelist Craig Cobb March 30, 2016 Dear Friend, Greetings   in   the   name   of   our   Master!      I   want   to   take   this   opportunity   to   share   with   you something   that   is   near   and   dear   to   me.      Some   reading   this   letter   may   know   me   and   others   will not.      Either   way,   I   pray   you   will   take   what   I   am   about   to   tell   you   as   something   that   is   from   the depths of my heart and soul in the most sincere spirit I have.   I   have   known   Pastor   David   Ireland   for   over   thirteen   years   now   and   have   been   preaching   for him   on   a   yearly   basis   for   twelve   of   those   years.      I   wish   that   every   preacher   (be   they   pastor, missionary   or   evangelist)   and   church   member   knew   him   the   way   I   know   him.      We   have become   very   close   over   the   years   not   just   as   preacher   friends   but   just   as   man   to   man   friends.     I’ve   seen   his   ministry   side   and   his   personal   side.      I   know   his   mother   as   well   as   some   of   his children pretty well.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I have seen his heart.   That   brings   me   to   the   purpose   of   this   letter.      Let   me   just   preface   by   saying   Bro.   Ireland   did   not ask   me   to   write   this   letter.     This   is   my   burden   and   I   asked   him   if   I   could   write   something   to   use however   he   saw   fit   and   he   graciously   agreed.      Several   years   ago   he   shared   his   vision   with   me and   a   couple   of   other   evangelist   friends   to   have   an   old-fashioned   camp   meeting   in   Maine   to   be a   special   time   of   encouragement   and   “re-charging”   for   God’s   people.      He   wanted   it   to   be   open to   everybody   everywhere   (and   it   is)   but   he   has   a   special   burden   for   the   Christians   of   Maine, New   England   and   the   surrounding   provinces   of   Canada.      His   heart   for   the   people   in   this   part   of the world is as big as the state of Maine itself!   In   2013   the   Lord   let   New   Life   Baptist   Church   host   that   first   camp   meeting.      It   has   been   my privilege   to   be   there   not   only   for   the   first   one,   but   every   year   since.      It   is   exciting   to   me personally   see   the   Lord   grow   and   develop   it   these   three   short   years.      I   sit   back   and   watch   in gratitude   to   the   Lord   as   a   man   of   God’s   long-time,   heartfelt,   selfless   dream   to   be   a   true   blessing and   encouragement   to   others   has   come   to   pass.      I   can   honestly   say   that   if   there   ever   was   a preacher who has a heart for preachers and the saints of God, David Ireland is that man.   I   would   like   to   invite   you   to   the   New   Life   Baptist   Church   Camp   Meeting.      Brethren— please, please,   please —I   am   asking   you   to   consider   coming   to   Dover-Foxcroft   the   week   of   July   23- 27    this   summer.      Come   for   a   morning,   an   evening,   a   day,   the   whole   week... whatever   you   can .     Pastor   Ireland   and   the   folks   would   count   it   an   honor   to   have   you   be   at   the   camp   meeting.     They will   feed   you,   house   you   and   take   good   care   of   you.      I   believe   anybody   who   comes   hungry   and looking   for   something   from   God   will   not   go   away   disappointed   in   any   way.      God   sure   has blessed   these   folks’   desire   to   be   a   source   of   “spiritual   nourishment”   to   His   people.      You   can find   out   all   the   information   you   need   to   know   about   the   camp   meeting   on   the   church’s   website.     Please take a moment to check out  for the details. Thank   you   for   your   valuable   time.      Let   me   just   close   by   saying   it   is   not   in   Bro.   Ireland’s makeup   of   who   he   is   to   do   anything   to   promote   himself   or   his   church.     All   he   really   wants   is   to be   an   encouragement   to   God’s   servants,   be   they   preachers   or   church   members   and   God   has honored that selfless vision. God bless, Craig A. Cobb First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church 952 West State Road 44, Franklin, Indiana 46131 Tel. (716)713-3443       @