New Life Baptist Camp Meeting   July 23-27, 2017 Camp Meeting theme: “The Old Paths” Key Verse: Jeremiah 6:16 2017 Camp Meeting Invitation Letter Dear Pastors, Friends and Churches, I   am   pleased   to   announce   that   once   again   this   year   we   are   going   to   be   having   our annual   camp   meeting   at   New   Life   Baptist   Church.      The   dates   are   July   23-27,   2017. Please   consider   this   my   heartfelt   and   personal   invitation   to   you   to   come   and   join   us for this special week.  Allow   me   to   give   you   some   background   information   on   our   camp   meeting.      Many years   ago   I   was   invited   to   camp   meetings   in   West   Virginia   and   New   York   and   after some   time   the   Lord   worked   it   out   for   me   and   my   wife   to   go.   I   know   phrases   like   "it changed   our   lives"   and   "we   were   never   the   same"   have   become   meaningless   cliches in   our   day,   but   I   say   truthfully   and   sincerely   that   is   exactly   what   happened   as   a   result of attending those meetings a couple of years in a row.    The   Lord   began   to   burden   my   heart   and   I   began   to   ponder...would   it   possible   to   have a   meeting   like   these   way   up   here   in   central   Maine?      I   started   to   pray   and   as   time passed,   my   burden   became   more   and   more   intense   to   have   a   time   where   God's people   could   come   from   all   over   New   England   and   Canada   and   even   further   to   get some   help   and   refreshment   in   these   last   days.      I   am   a   native   Mainer   and   I   know   how hard   it   can   be   on   preachers   to   start   works   here   and   how   discouraging   it   can   be   at times.        I    am    well    aware    of    the    need    to    just    get    away    and    get    some    rest    and concentrated help that will charge the batteries to keep us in the battle. Some   time   ago   I   came   across   a   history   book   of   Dover   Foxcoft   and   discovered   that an   annual   camp   meeting   was   started   in   the   1870's   that   drew   upwards   of   5,000 people   from   all   over.      It   lasted   until   well   into   the   1900's.      The   railroads   ran   special trains   bringing   people   in   by   the   hundreds   and   up   in   to   the   thousands.      I   was   both surprised   and   blessed   to   discover   that   the   very   kind   of   meetings   we   experienced   in West   Virginia   and   New   York   -   and   that   I   wanted   to   see   the   Lord   start   in   our   area   - once   existed   in   the   very   same   town   that   our   church   has   been   in   since   it   started   in 1993. Please   don't   misunderstand   me.      New   Life   Baptist   Church   is   not   out   to   build   some empire   or   national   meeting   of   great   reputation.      All   I   have   ever   asked   God   for   is   a week   during   the   year   that   will   be   a   special   and   refreshing   "watering   hole"   for   His people   to   come   and   get   a   drink.      We   have   no   hidden   agendas   or   schemes.      Simply put:   God   has   led   us   and   allowed   us   to   host   such   a   meeting.     Anything   good   that   has happened   these   last   three   years,   and   a   lot   has,   is   only   because   of   the   kindness   of   God and it is all for His glory.  We just want to continue doing it as long as He allows us. Over   the   last   four   years   I   have   sat   in   awe   and   watched   as   God   has   done   exactly   what I   have   begged   Him   to   do.      I   am   humbled   to   see   how   the   Lord   has,   in   our   short   camp meeting   history,   grown   and   blessed   His   meeting.      Many   people   have   told   me   they got some real heaven-sent help.  I   do   not   wish   to   sound   like   I   am   trying   to   "promote"   what WE   are   doing.     That   is   the furthest   idea   from   my   mind.      I   am   well   aware   that   'we'   aren't   doing   it.      But   I   have seen   how   God   has   provided   and   equipped   our   little   church   to   try   and   be   a   blessing   to God's   workers.      I   am   not   asking   you   to   come   so   we   can   brag   of   numbers.      I   am sincerely   saying   that   if   you   are   weary   and   hungry   and   thirsty,   it   would   not   be   a waste of your time and I really believe God would make it worth the trip. We   provide   free   housing   for   all   who   come   on   a   first   come,   first   serve   basis   and   thus far   we   have   not   had   to   turn   any   away.      We   also   have   water   and   electric   hookups   for those   who   may   want   to   bring   their   camper.   We   will   serve   breakfast,   lunch   and dinner all free of charge.  Would   you   prayerfully   consider   joining   with   God's   people   for   four   or   five   days   in July?      We   start   on   Sunday,   July   23rd   for   all   those   who   can   come   early.      Most   of   our out   of   town   guests   come   in   on   Monday   due   to   being   in   their   church   on   Sunday.     You are   welcome   to   come   and   stay   as   long   as   you   can.      We   will   have   evening   services Monday thru Thursday and morning services Tuesday thru Thursday. I   would   be   happy   to   answer   any   questions   or   give   you   more   information.   You   can also    check    out    our    website    -    -    and    click    on    the    "Camp Meeting" section for everything you need to know. Yours for Christ, David Ireland Pastor