King James Bible Clubs             "Bible   Clubs"   is   a   ministry   of   New   Life   Baptist   Church   for   Boys   &   Girls   in Grades   1   through   High   School,   and   Adults   50   and   up.   The   Primary   Bible Club   is   for   those   in   Grades   K-3,   the   Junior   Bible   Club   is   for   those   in   Grades 4-6,   and   the   Junior   Varsity   Bible   Club   is   for   those   in   Grades   7   &   8,   the Varsity   Bible   Club   is   for   those   in   High   School,   and   the   Best   Years   Bible   Club is   for   those   50   &   up   (which   includes   their   Spouses   and   caretakers).   Bible Clubs    was    developed    with    the    small    Bible    Believing    Churches    in    mind, therefore,   everything   on   our   Web   site   related   to   Bible   Clubs   can   be   copied, modified,   and   used   in   your   local   church   -   it   is   not   copyrighted.   Feel   free   to take   our   KJV   Bible   Club   work,   change   our   church   name   to   yours   and   use   it   as your   own   to   God's   Glory.   We   plan   to   put   the   Microsoft   Word   files   for   all   of our   tri-fold   packets   online   soon   so   you   can   easily   use   everything   in   your church.       When?      Except   for   Best   Years   Clubs   which   meets   monthly,   all   other   clubs meet    here    at    the    church    on    Friday    Nights    from    6:00    to    8:00    p.m. Transportation   is   provided   for   those   who   need   it.   Pick-up   time   is   between 5:00   and   5:50   p.m.,   with   return   transportation   between   8:10   and   9:00   p.m. For   more   information   about   our   Bible   Clubs   or   transportation,   just   call   us here      at      the      church      at      207-564-5500,      or      drop      us      an      email      at                   The   Bible   Clubs   year   begins   in   September   and   ends   in   August.   Unlike many    ministries,    Bible    Clubs    is    a    year    around    ministry    which    continues through   the   summer   months   while   school   is   out.   The   Bible   Clubs   year   is divided    into    four    quarters    as    follows:    1st    Qtr.    -    September,    October    & November,   2nd   Qtr.   -   December,   January   &   February,   3rd   Qtr.   -   March, April & May, 4th Qtr. - June, July & August King James Bible Club Night (2 hours)     Round-Up Time (15-20 minutes)                 Clubs   begin   with   our   20   minute   Round-Up   Time.   Clubbers   report   to   their clubs   and   get   both   personal   and   team   points   for   Attendance,   bringing   their Bible,   proper   club   uniform,   Scripture   memory   packet,   bringing   visitors,   and quoting   verses   of   Scripture   which   them   have   memorized   word   perfect.   We have    several    memory    packets    which    clubbers    take    home    to    help    them memorize   word   perfect   -   God's   Word   as   it   is   in   the   King   James   Bible.   In   time we   will   put   the   contents   of   all   our   tri-fold   packets   on-line   (1   sheet   of   paper folded   in   thirds   making   6   pages   out   of   an   8   1/2"   by   11"   sheet),   and   include the files in "Microsoft Word 97" format.      Bible Time (40-45 minutes)                During   our   30   to   35   minute   Bible   Time   we   have   a   message   from   the   Bible, sing   songs,   do   announcements,   hand   out   awards,   do   Sword   Drills,   and   the like.      Game Time (40-45 minutes)      During    our    fun    filled    Game    Time    we    play    many    games    on    a    large square/circle,   like   Dodge   Ball,   Swap   Deck,   Balloon   Games,   Bean   Bag   Games, Food Games, Running Games and etc. Award Time (5-10 minutes).                We   finish   up   the   club   meeting   with   a   variety   of   prizes.         In   each   club,   we give    prizes    out    to    the    clubber    with    the    most    amount    of    points,    and    the clubber   of   the   night   who   the   club   Director   picks   based   on   attitude,   kindness, enthusiasm,   good   sportsmanship   and   etc.      Award   Time   ends   with   all   the clubbers   on   the   winning   team   (team   with   the   most   personal   &   team   points combined)   receiving   more   prizes.   Prizes   consists   of   a   variety   of   candy   bars and   candy   packs,   with   the   biggest   prizes   of   the   club   going   to   the   clubber   with the    most    points    -    usually    the    one    who    memorizes    the    most    verses    word perfect.   (We   laugh   out   loud   when   we   hear   adults   who   have   been   brainwashed that   say   something   like   -   I   can't   understand   the   old   English   of   the   King James   Version,   -   or   I   can't   understand   all   the   thee's   and   thou's   and   so.   We have   boys   and   girls,   as   well   as   adults   over   50   memorizing   several   verses   at   a time,   and   them   must   come   up   to   a   leader,   and   recite   all   of   them   at   one   time, reference   and   verse   word   perfect   without   any   help.   In   their   first   packet   they memorize   the   10   Commandments   in   short   form.   In   their   third   packet   them memorize   all   17   verses   of   the   10   commandments   word   perfect.   We   have   had adults and younger clubbers recite whole packets at one time. Praise God!